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Welcome to Southwood Running!

Hi! My name is Jen, and I am a long-time runner and now an RRCA-certified coach. Through coaching and writing this blog, my goal is to enable more people to find joy in running. 

As with any writer, my own experiences will shape the look and feel of this blog, so I’d love to share a few important experiences of mine with you:

A mom and daughter run together down a neighborhood street
With my smallest running buddy!
  • I started running in middle school and haven’t looked back. Along the way, I’ve experienced everything from 5ks to marathons to multi-day trail runs, injuries, running during pregnancy, returning to run postpartum while navigating prolapse issues, and more. 

  • I spend a lot of time reflecting on how running connects to the rest of our lives and on all the things we can bring from running to improve and enrich our everyday lives. 

  • I am an avid fan of the sport of running, following primarily women’s events in track and field, cross country, and the marathon.

  • I’m a huge reader. I love to read running focused books and to find ideas to enrich my approach to running in non-running books. 

  • I am a bit of a data and data visualization nerd and, luckily for me, running can generate a lot of data!

I am so excited to reflect and explore more in upcoming posts. Thanks for finding your way to Southwood Running!

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